Little children like her get off the street.

Ways to support us

Without people like you, we would not be able to support and empower children and young people living on the streets.

Leave a legacy

If you can consider leaving part of your legacy to charity, then supporting us to create positive futures for children and young people is a good place to start. Your legacy could help us reach even more children and young people who, without our help, face abuse, exploitation and a daily fight for survival.

Would your Organisation support Toria-Rock?

Pupils and teachers in your school could support Toria Rock to reach more children and young people ensuring they have the support they need and deserve.

Donate (one-off or direct debit)

Click on the button below to visit our donor page where you can securely donate to our charity.

Connect With Us

Partner with us

Toria-Rock will work with different kinds of companies and brands to get them involved in fundraising and promoting our work to help the street children and young people of Nigeria. There are many different ways that we do this:


We encourage businesses of all sizes to get their staff involved in individual and team activities – whether it’s fundraising, volunteering or providing professional support.  


Time is money – by donating your time, you save us money. You can volunteer for Toria Rock or help us with professional support and services.


An exciting way to link Toria Rock with your company’s long-term strategic objectives.  We can find a perfect theme of programmes for your company, so you can support children and international development alongside your business activities.

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